Our Core Values

Our Core Values:

To be and become a “Great Commandment” and “Great Commission” Church, we will:

Reach upward (to God)

Reach inward (for our own spiritual growth and development) and

Reach outward (for fellowship and ministry with others)

Upward:  Because we are called to “love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength,” we will:

  • Honor God in all we do, in the words we speak, the decisions we make and the actions we take;
  • Worship God, in thought, word, and in deed, both as individuals, and as a community of faith.
  • Learn God’s Word to discover God’s great love for each of us and for all people and to discern God’s singular purpose for our lives and for the world.

Inward:  Because we are called to love our neighbors “as we love ourselves,” we will:

  • Open ourselves to receive God’s love in all its fullness, power, grace, mercy, and forgiveness
  • Dedicate ourselves to the transformation of our lives through prayer, study, and service
  • Embrace our God-gifted selves by identifying and using our spiritual giftedness

Outward:  Because we are called to “love our neighbors” as we love ourselves, we will:

  • Commit to a spirit of community, fellowship, and unity with each other
  • Create a spirit of grace by loving, trusting, serving, forgiving, encouraging, and praying for one another
  • Develop authentic relationships with each other by openly sharing joys, hurts, and challenges
  • Connect to people in the community around us to become for them agents of God’s transforming grace in the presence of physical, material, or spiritual needs.



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