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Would you be willing to give up one cup of coffee a month for the next year to support LCMC mission churches in the United States?  The Men’s Group of St. John’s will again sponsor the LCMC-LM “Buck a Month” club this year.  This is an opportunity for all men to support LCMC mission churches in the U.S.  By donating $12.00 to the LCMC men’s group mission effort on October 25th (less than the cost of a cup of coffee per month).  Last year our donations of $238.00 helped three mission churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Washington state with start up costs.

The LCMC Men’s Group also has another fund called the “Committee of 100″.  This group of men make a donation of $100.00 to a load fund.  Once this fund reaches $100,000 building loans will be available to mission congregations for building expenses.  These funds must be repaid to the programs and thus insures the continuation of the program.  Last year St. John’s men supported this fund with donations of $900.00.

Please contact Ralph Myers, President of the LCMC Men’s Group, with any questions.

The St. John’s Men’s Group is dedicated to serving God through study, prayer, service and trust.  The Men’s Group is open to all men and young men of the Church.  A group of men have been meeting together every month for several years to study God’s word, apply it to our daily lives and lean from each others experiences.  There is a level of trust amongst the group, meaning no topic is out of bounds.  We usually have a snack after our business meeting, prayer and reflection.  The Men’s Group sponsors the blood drives, vaccination Sunday, Senior Turkey Dinner, Senior Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner, horseshoe tournaments, men’s pancake breakfast, summer camp out and the euchre nights.  The Men’s Group has also built the pavilion and picnic tables at the church.

Come and join us on the 3rd Monday of every month!!

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