Sunday School Calendar

St. John’s Lutheran Church

Sunday School Calendar

2015 – 2016 School Year


  • 9/13/2015     Education Appreciation Day (no SS classes)
  • 9/20/2015     First day of SS classes (begin at 9:15am)
  • 11/27/2015   Put up Christmas Trees (7:30pm)
  • 11/28/2015   Decorate Church and Christmas Trees (10:00am)
  • 12/6/2015     First Communion for 6th Grade Catechism Class
  • 12/13/2015   Rehearsal Christmas Eve Program (begin at 9:00am)
  • 12/20/2015  Rehearsal Christmas Eve Program (begin at 9:00am)
  • 12/24/2015   Sunday School Christmas Eve Program (7:30pm)
  • 12/27/2015  No SS classes
  • 1/03/2016     Sunday School classes resume after holiday break
  • 1/08/2016    Remove Christmas decorations (tentative date/time 7:30pm)
  • 5/8/2016    Ascension Sunday (during SS hour – 10:00am)
  • 5/15/2016    Confirmation Sunday & Last day of Sunday School classes



Pre – 2nd:                                                                   3rd – 5th:

Jamie Rymanowicz                                                    Mandy Hart

Carol Wahl                                                                   Ruth Myers

Betty Weidmayer


Catechism (6th – 8th):                                                Young Adults (High School):

Debbie Ellison                                                                Todd Tower / Pastor Drex

Joy Korte

Mike Schaible                                                               Adult Sunday School Facilitators:

Music Director                                                              Dave St. Clair

Amy Renaldi

Youth Group Guide:

Jack Coffey

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