Priceless Gift Toy Box

We are once again collecting new and gently used toys for this program.  Last year we sent 326 toys.

This mission is located in Jackson, MI.  It allows parents to shop for Christmas gifts to give their children.  Without this program, these children would NOT have a blessed Christmas.

They are also collecting personal care products for family gift bags: shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, soap, deodorant, dental floss, toothbrushes/paste, washcloths, shavers, lotions etc.  Also Ziploc bags of all sizes, batteries, baby wipes and Mr. Clean erasers.

In October we will be going and helping at this mission like we did last year.

There will be a “Toy Box” in the overflow area to collect the toys and other items.  If you have any questions please see Sue Eversole – 517-403-2347.

Thank you for your generosity!!!!

How else can I help?


That God would bless the families we serve and use this ministry as a connection to His Kingdom.

That God would bring all the labors and provide protections for this endeavor.

(A partnership of local churches, and non-profits, schools and businesses providing FREE Christmas toys to our community)

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