Pastor Drex Morton


First came to Michigan as an Intern from Gettysburg Seminary assigned to the Midwest.  Prior to that he was affiliated with his Home Congregation, Our Savior Lutheran Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and St. John Lutheran Church in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, where he was involved in Youth Ministry.  From his earliest days, Pr. Drex has been involved in a variety of denominational settings, because his Dad was a Minister of Music for a number of years.

Pastor Drex has served in a variety of capacities among the people of St. Michael Lutheran Church, Canton, Michigan throughout a total of 22 years. He additionally served Love Lutheran Church, New Orleans, Louisiana and All Saints Lutheran Church, Hartland/Highland, Michigan as Pastor.

Pastor Drex passionately believes that God is still speaking to those who would hear among the contemporary generations currently alive, that miracles did not end with the end of the Book of Acts.  He loves hearing about the timelines of those who have been touched and transformed by the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Pastor Drex has stated that if anything good can come from him, it is because of the “Touch of the Master’s Hand,” based on the poem of the same name, and nothing of his own doing.

As such, Pastor Drex desires to see more and more persons come to a dynamic and personal relationship with the Son, Jesus.  He believes that music may be one of the most direct reflections of God’s touch upon humanity, and he recalls his most profound experiences of God from his early years in hearing the great masterworks of music, thanks to his Father, Elbert E. Morton, D. Ed., and his Mother, Adeline F. Morton, who left a legacy of such with him from his earliest memories onward.